Who are we?

Welcome to our official website!
Ariadna Studio is a company which creates games for disabled people who use eyetracking technology. We design games that can be used in therapy or education (like Kinka and Tiano) but also for fun (like Take me Home). You can find current information about our projects on our website or our facebook profile: Ariadna Studio on Facebook

KINKA Eyetracker Games

KINKA – a collection of 21 games designed for eye trackers and optimized to improve communication skills for the physically and mentally disadvantaged as well as those on the autism spectrum or with conditions such as cerebral palsy or Rett syndrome. KINKA is user-friendly and intuitive. Thanks to that it develops visual skills, provides its users with a sense of control and agency – and is fun!

KINKA is optimized for many eyetrackers, also for Tobii eyetrackers.

You can find detailed information and order procedure on KINKA Games website: KINKA Website


Tiano is a set of games improving pre-math skills. It helps to develop spatial awareness, classification, understanding patterns and counting 1-10. These are skills that child need to gain before mathematical education. We are working on this project now and we plan to publish Tiano in 2019. Like our fanpage to keep up to date: Ariadna Studio on Facebook

Christmas Puzzle

Christmas Puzzle is our special christmas gift for every eyetracker fan: it’s a free eyetracker game in christmas mood with nice christmas pictures and music ☃️

The game can be downloaded here: Download the game

Take me home

Take me home is our separate project. Game won PGG Jam All Play in 2017 and was presented on Indie Showcase during Digital Dragons 2018 Conference. TMH made a positive impression on visitors – both adults and children. It’s a challenging adventure game that we want to develop and publish in future.